Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Deadly Explosions = Media Bias, cont'd. 

speakingcorpse writes:

Why is it that every time I hear about the Gaza Strip in the news, its always with this gloomy negative spin? The highest population density on the face of the earth, untreated sewage in the streets, a barbed wire fence surrounding hovels open to the desert wind, 75% unemployment, an absolute ban on all community improvement projects, houses being demolished arbitrarily, mad settlers living in nearby beach resorts demanding the extermination of the fenced-in residents, and now this--an explosion killing 3 Americans? Why, why, why cant some of the GOOD THINGS going on in Gaza ever find their way into the consciousnesses of our biased reporters? Things are going well there, believe me. Things are really looking up. Ever since Israelis overthrew the brutal Egyptian regime in 1967, they've made the Gaza strip a real beacon of hope and democracy for the rest of the region--if only its light wasn't being obscured by this damned media!!!

Gaza Strip Blast Kills Three Americans


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