Thursday, October 16, 2003

Delayed Reaction Part MCXXIV 

I think it's great that the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights is calling out Der Gropenfuhrer on the Ken Lay meeting thing...but once again, the fact of this meeting was reported on months (I think; if anyone knows exactly, please email) ago. Were any high-profile organizations (assuming that's what FTCR is, more or less) bringing this stuff up, say, before the election? During the campaign? Anyone want to place bets on how long it takes for this to get in the Washington Post?

Gov.-elect Schwarzenegger Should Come Clean About Ken Lay Meeting Or Face Inquiry, Group Says

Energy Deregulation Agenda Criticized

Santa Monica, CA -- Governor-elect Schwarzenegger must explain the substance of his private May 2001 meeting with Enron chief Ken Lay, the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR) wrote in a letter to Schwarzenegger today. Read the letter. FTCR, which was the state's most vocal critic of Governor Davis' handling of the energy crisis, said that if the governor-elect did not recount the meeting by the time of his inauguration, the group would ask state lawmakers to open an investigation to uncover the substance of the meeting, including any information that might further the state's efforts to return billions of dollars that taxpayers and consumers overpaid for electricity during the energy crisis.

Full story and letter.


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