Saturday, October 11, 2003

Eating Language/Deaf/Jail 


Here's the text of some intelligent remarks on the question of how to
punish Limbaugh. My own inclination would be to translate some of the
"language" that he has emitted back into the assorted bilious and
excremental products from which it has been poorly sublimated, and to
treat him to the analgesic effects of the ingestion of said products.
But a more intelligent and legally unimpeachable position is taken by

There has been a lot of talk in the last 12 hours about Rush Limbaugh's
felonious drug use (and his pressuring of an employee to obtain drugs).
Scanning the web, we get the impression that conservatives like Sean
Hannity are throwing down the gauntlet and demanding that, in this
instance, liberals should adhere to their principles and support lenient
treatment of Limbaugh. That probably means therapy/rehab instead of
prison time. Our response is that we don't believe it's appropriate to
extend compassion in this instance - or any other "instance". That's
selective and only addresses the conservative-caught-with-his-pants-down
du jour. Instance-by-instance leniency is the flip side of laws that are
used to harass individuals or groups.

Our position is:

1) We believe in equal treatment under the law.

2) We support a change in drug legislation - to reduce or eliminate
penalties and, where appropriate, to treat use as a medical problem.
That's it. Conservatives can agree with us or not on those two items,
but beyond that we will not engage in a discussion about our liberal
principles as they might apply to Limbaugh.


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