Friday, October 10, 2003

Faludi on Cretinator's Penetration of CA 

speakingcorpse writes the following:

This article clearly explains why Asshole Schwarzenfucker won in
California. Because many men there, as in the rest of the country, are
plagued by deeply repressed (still unexperienced, but nonetheless
uneasy-making) dreams of being raped by a large violent quasi-human
male/robot figure. Schwarzenfucker's new dominion allows these
"citizens" to satisfy this fantasy unconsciously, without acknowledging
it. Any "big dude" (as one Schwarzenfucker voter put it) who treats
women like shit (especially a hot woman like Maria who is often on the
TV) is the perfect person to step on my neck, to fuck me, to blow me
away with a machine-gun volley to the ass, to be my leader.
What IS a Republican anyway, if not a "big dude" who can sexually abuse
a Kennedy?


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