Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Latest on PR Counter-Offensive: Hagiographic Picture + Assertion of "Clear Strategy" + Lots More People Blown Up in Iraq = 6 New Points for Bush!!! 

A counterpush roundup from Dawkins:

"There's a sense that people in America aren't getting the truth."

Quick, check out the halo photograph before Rove makes Yahoo news take it down.

With regard to the war, Josh Marshall is calling the White House's new craven PR blitz the "Great Push-Back."

Plus, CNN started to cover the Push-Back late last week. Dick Cheney insouciantly warns that terrorists are "doing everything they can" to get weapons of mass destruction that could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans "in a single day of horror."

I wonder if he's referring to the aims and will of terrorist Pat Robertson, who wishes publicly he could murder of hundreds of thousands of American government employees, including George W. Bush's buddy Colin Powell.

By the way, shouldn't Pat be heading to, like, jail sometime soon for his incitement to violence?

Imagine if a prominent Muslim-American university scholar publicly declared his wish that the State Department were "nuked." He'd be in an iron-clad prison brig off the Carolina coast faster'n you can say "Jose Padillo"!


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