Saturday, October 11, 2003

NY Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof's Subtle Implication 

speakingcorpse writes the following open letter:

Dear Mr. Kristof,

I just read your thoughtful opinion piece in the NY Times newspaper, for
which you write a regular column. Thank you for this intelligent
contribution to our national conversation. The piece offers a variety
of insights into the profound and confusing ambiguities of our political
culture. Am I correct in interpreting you to be saying that the CIA
leak scandal implicates not one side or the other, not Republicans or
Democrats alone, but, shockingly, "both sides"? This is a
counterintuitive argument, but I think I follow it. You are saying
that the Republicans are bad for leaking the name of a CIA operative and
then minimizing the effects this action may have on our national
security. And you are saying also that, at the same time, the Democrats
are bad for complaining about the actions of the Republicans. Not only
are most Democrats complaining about this scandalous leak, but some are
also, cynically, you seem to think, expressing concern about Valerie
Wilson's safety.

After some consideration, I think I'm coming around to your take on this
complex matter. When confronted with criminal behavior on the part of
Republicans and the Bush administration, Democrats should certainly not
protest in any way. Why politicize something that's already bad enough?
Now you don't go so far as to say this--it's not part of your extremely
subtle argumentative style--but perhaps you are implying that the
Democrats should, rather than complain, eat their own shit?



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