Wednesday, December 24, 2003

A Christmas Message to President Bush 

In an interview Tuesday night with President Bush, ABC correspondent Diane Sawyer asked why the administration stated as a "hard fact" that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein had such weapons when it appears now he only had the intent to acquire them.

"So what's the difference?" Bush responded. "The possibility that he could acquire weapons. If he were to acquire weapons, he would be the danger."

George, I am very sad that you would be telling such lies only a few days before the day I am born into the world. Remember, every time you lie a tear rolls down the cheek of the Infant incarnation of myself. You say you love me and that you don't drink any alcoholic beverages...and yet you murder many people and put lots of poison in the world. Murdering and poisoning are much worse than alcoholic beverages. I still get pissed off when I think about how you mocked that woman who you sent to her death to be murdered by a State machine. Does that really strike you as the behavior of someone who can reasonably expect to get into heaven? Did I not explain myself clearly during my time in the world? Or are you just like totally fucking nuts or something, out of your mind? I hope so, because otherwise I find you frightening. Did I say, 'Make as much death as possible'? Did I say, 'I command you to value property over life'? Did I say, 'Let my glory be reflected in images of your power, your wealth, your violence'? Do you know what I said? Can you even read? Sheesh. Forget it. Enjoy your "Christmas," George.


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