Monday, December 22, 2003

Clark: "I'll beat the shit out of them." 

dawkins writes:

Tuning into C-Span today, Wes Clark is meeting and greeting, with cameras and microphones rolling, after a speech to a VFW hall in New Hampshire.

One eager supporter comes forward and asks Clark what he'd do to respond to those military figures, domestic and foreign, who've been slandering Clark for his alleged renegade style while Supreme Commander of NATO.

(The guy in the crowd cites "Shalikashvili" and "Karadzic" as those American and Serbian military figures who've been taking potshots at Clark. Actually, he was a bit off: Shalikashvili is a Clark supporter; it's been Hugh Shelton and Tommy Franks, rather, who've been casting aspersions about Clark... and not backing them up with details. And it's been Milosevic who's been most recently using his war crimes soap box to echo Shelton's cryptic disses.)

Nevetheless, after listening intently to the question ("What would you do to respond..."), Clark's eyes twinkle, and he responds:

"I'm going to beat the shit out of them."

Mucho macho.


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