Saturday, December 20, 2003

Saddam-loving NYTimes reader rants incoherently 

A letter from the Times:
To the Editor:

Howard Dean's assertion that "the capture of Saddam Hussein
has not made America safer" has raised the ire of Senator
Joseph I. Lieberman and some other Democratic hopefuls
("Dean's Speech on Iraq Brings New Rebuttals," front page,
Dec. 16).

Perhaps Dr. Dean's critics should have checked with the
Department of Homeland Security's infamous color-coded
safety index before jumping on their opponent to determine
whether there had been any change to green or blue -
indicating a downgrade in the level of danger. No change
would tend to support Dr. Dean's position.

I do not recall hearing or reading of any change in the
safety color code since the capture of Saddam Hussein. Case

Oswego, Ill., Dec. 16, 2003
What doesn't Mr. Semelroth understand? Because the capture of Saddam signifies a "blow" to the Dean candidacy; and because Democrats make America less safe; then, therefore, the capture of Saddam makes America more safe. QED.


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