Wednesday, January 14, 2004

At Last, Some Balance 

Look what we found in our Inbox!
This is a SPECIAL MESSAGE from Alan Keyes' "Keyes Media Central":

Dear Friend of Liberty:

As the national election cycle begins to heat up, some fine organizations like RightMarch.com have been informing you about the radical liberal organization, MoveOn.org. Its support for the hard-left, especially Howard Dean, is assuming dimensions that are very dangerous to decent politics.
Too many jokes to laugh at in that last sentence--except we might indulge in a gasp of awe at the notion of "decent politics." What's next? Dry water? Righteous Bushes?
Funded by deep-pocketed leftists like George Soros,
When did Soros become the new Demon? (Oh, right--when he said he was going to give money to the other team.) Funny--it's precisely the threatening "dimensions" of MoveOn (i.e., its individual human membership in the multi-millions, most of whom make small contributions) that makes reliance on people like Soros unnecessary (not unwelcome--lust unnecessary).
MoveOn.org has been steadily advancing their hate-filled agenda against the political and moral conservative Right, buying national TV ads and full-page ads in nationally-distributed newspapers.
That goddamn George Soros and his moneybags.
The feisty conservative activist site RightMarch.com has steadily countered their moves, supported by thousands of grassroots Americans nationwide like you.
"Feisty," yes, but certainly not "hate-filled." I wonder (and fear) what he means by "countered their moves." It sounds so full of intrigue.
But now MoveOn.org has exceeded even the left's usual record of indecency, by repeatedly equating President Bush with Adolph Hitler.
Once just wasn't enough, folks--they had to do their nefarious equating repeatedly!
By "countered" does he really mean "exterminated"?
The political fray is rough, but those in it MUST be held accountable! Lying, bigoted, hate-mongering groups like MoveOn.org MUST feel the heat.
The fires of hell, one presumes. Well, I look forward to watching the truthful, tolerant, and love-mongering "RightMarch.com" as it "counters" the lying, bigoted, hate-mongering MoveOn.org!

I also wonder what else Alan Keyes has been up to these days (other than, we pray, receiving the appropriate medical treatment)...still "equating" the income tax with slavery?

A final note: "RightMarch.com"?! What's next--"GooseStep.com"? "HolySwordOfFire.net"? "PurityParade.us"?

Oop--there I go again with my Hitler-themed hate-mongering. I need to check myself and pop over to RightMarch.com for a dose of reason, compassion and good-will.


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