Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Child's Pay 

The winner of MoveOn's "Bush in 30 Seconds" ad contest was announced at an event in New York last night (which I attended along with Dawkins). Here's an interesting tidbit:
The winning ad, "Child’s Pay," by Charlie Fisher, 38, of Denver features young children working in difficult service and manufacturing jobs -- washing dishes, hauling trash, repairing tires, cleaning offices, assembly-line processing and grocery checking -- followed by the line: "Guess who’s going to pay off President Bush’s $1 trillion deficit?"

Charlie Fisher is an advertising executive who was a registered Republican until the end of the first Bush administration, in 1992. He is currently on assignment in Denmark and flew in to attend the awards ceremony with his cameraman, P. Dreyer.

"I was thrilled just to participate in this contest," Fisher said. "When we finished editing ‘Child's Pay,’ I felt it was nice -- maybe a little too nice. Perhaps I learned that you don't have to paint a bulls-eye on someone’s forehead to be effective. Most importantly, my Republican father said this when I told him I was making an ad for this contest, not knowing what his reaction would be: ‘I am proud of you for taking part and acting in the world around you.’"
It's true, the ad feels like a softie compared to some of the others (I was rooting for "What Are We Teaching Our Children?", which features the cutest little kid saying "Bring 'em on!")--but Dawkins made the point that this ad is well suited to its national prime-time TV audience: it's well-produced, eye-catching, immediately readable theme-wise, and has a single and straightforward textual punchline at the end. You can watch it here.

Also, if you'd like to help MoveOn air this ad during the Superbowl, click here and contribute a little.

(Remember, George "Almost as Evil as Howard Dean" Soros can't do everything himself!)


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