Wednesday, January 28, 2004

An Honest Livin' 

Dawkins writes:

Welly golly gosh, there's just too many of these gosh durned junk lawsuits, I reckon. Gee-whiz shucks 'cause when folks' lives and health get destroyed by medical malpractice, docs or hospitals fuckin' up and not doin' they're job right and whatnot, some folks just a-reckon they can go and sue the doc or the HMO and get some compensashun' for them inj'ries that been done to 'em. And gee-golly gosh, that just hurts them hard workin' insurance companies, who're workin' just as hard as folks like you and me to make an honest livin' bilkin' these right-darn litigious folks out of they're hard-earned cash. Well, I tell ya, to see an HMO or an insurance company lose money, it just right makes my heart break.


President Discusses Solutions to Medical Liability Crisis, Rising Health Costs


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