Friday, January 16, 2004

Kruginator Fires Shoulder-Mounted Missile from NYT; Direct Hit on Rats' Nest of Zombified, Brain-Eating Media Whores and Evildoing Bush Regime 

Who Gets It?

In other words, the general gets it: he understands that America is facing what Kevin Phillips, in his remarkable new book, "American Dynasty," calls a "Machiavellian moment." Among other things, this tells us that General Clark and Howard Dean, whatever they may say in the heat of the nomination fight, are on the same side of the great Democratic divide.

...But even those who refrain from turning political reporting into gossip have used the wrong categories. Again and again, one reads that it's about the left wing of the Democratic party versus the centrists; but Mr. Dean was a very centrist governor, and his policy proposals are not obviously more liberal than those of his rivals.

The real division in the race for the Democratic nomination is between those who are willing to question not just the policies but also the honesty and the motives of the people running our country, and those who aren't.
Just too good.

I can't wait for David Brooks' response: I'm sure he'll have something "positive" and "upbeat" to say in response to this hate-speech!

speakingcorpse adds:

This whole column by Krugman is very good, but for those of us following the Democratic primaries, the end of it is what really matters. More specifically, what really matters is that the nominee have an army of small donors who have already given once, and who will do so, again and again and again. An individual who has made a $2000 contribution cannnot give any more. But 20 people who have made $100 contributions can make 20 more such contributions. This is what is required for the long campaign struggle. I'm not sure that anyone but Dean has access to this sort of fundraising base.


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