Sunday, January 18, 2004

Once-Upstanding Republicans Fall Prey to the Decadent Allure of Hate Speech 

A heartening moment from today's WaPo story on Iowa:
Democratic anger at Bush has been evident for the past year, but what the caucus process is showing is that a number of Republicans share those feelings. Erik and Stephanie Edgren, their young son John in tow, waited for Dean in Oskaloosa on Friday morning.

"We agree with almost everything he [Dean] has to say," Erik Edgren said. "It started out that he's against the war in Iraq. We actually switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party so we could vote for Dean in the caucus. I voted for Bush; I'm disgusted by what he's done. I'm not a pacifist; I'm not namby-pamby against all wars. This was wrong."

Jim Cornick and his wife switched their registration to Democrat a month ago. "The number one issue with my wife and me is that President Bush must go, that our country has gone in a very, very radical direction," Cornick said after Kerry spent more than two hours answering questions from undecided voters at a local theater on Thursday night. "As they [the administration] left us behind, we looked at each of the nine candidates for which one could beat George Bush."


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