Monday, January 12, 2004

Paul 'The Genius of Capitalism' O'Neill in Process of Blowing Shit Wide Open 

Paul O'Neill, who was pushed out of the administration as treasury secretary because it was felt he was not a team player, says President Bush was so disengaged during Cabinet meetings that he was like a "blind man in a roomful of deaf people."
I don't get it--wasn't O'Neill being a good "team player" when he said that the rise and fall of Enron simply demonstrated the "genius of capitalism"?

The Times should do a whole separate story about how O'Neill was "pushed out" on Election Night 2002--that was when he was "pushed out," in case you happened to miss the news coverage of that story that night.

I can't wait for the "mentally unbalanced" reports to come trickling forth...

Dawkins adds: Evidently, the source of this allegation, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, is an Anti-Semite.


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