Thursday, January 29, 2004


From Dawkins:

I can't remember where, but I could have sworn that I heard somewhere that the students will help to register new voters, enlist Bush Team Leaders to spread President Bush's positive message, and get out the vote in November.
Young Voters to Rock '04 Election

Responding to an erroneous editorial in The Albuquerque Journal , University of New Mexico student Scott Darnell sets the record straight -- students stand firmly behind our President and are ready to play a vital role in the reelection of George W. Bush.
In New Mexico— and across the nation— youth will mean more to politicians and their aspirations during this year's campaign season than ever before. …

The events of the past four years have shocked young people into remembering what is at stake and shocked politicians into reaching out to get a mandate from those who do indeed hold the key to America's future. …

It seems that, not only are young people becoming more energized when it comes to political matters, but a true revolution has taken hold as we have seen the positive agenda carried forward by the president.

The revolutionary and overwhelming support that young people are demonstrating for President Bush is directly attributed to his positive, principled, and passionate leadership. His down-to-earth, straight-shooting, positive nature resonates with young people often turned off by partisan political wrangling. He's proven to young voters that his principles and faith— not polls or focus groups— dictate the direction of his foreign and domestic policy. This president has done today what is necessary to ensure for all Americans a brighter tomorrow.
[Editorial postscript: We are sad to report that Scott Darnell has taken his own life, evidently leaving the above article as his suicide note. Our thoughts go out to the families.]


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