Thursday, January 15, 2004

'Unparalleled in Political History' 

This item from the Bush campaign email "News Alert: Bush-Cheney Grassroots 'Unparalleled in Political History'":
In case you missed it, NBC Nightly News had a great story last night on the President's [sic] grassroots [sic] campaign. The story featured hard-working Students for Bush signing up new volunteers at the Sugar Bowl and offered a glimpse inside Bush-Cheney HQ here in Arlington. Here's some of David Gregory's report:
...According to Ralph Reed of the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign, I mean [sic], we have six-million [sic] emails. We will have a million team leaders by the time we get to Election Day that's [sic] one for every 50 Bush voters. [sic]
These people view "grassroots" as just another kind of corporate accounting--how many emails you "have." And if they had any kind of real grassroots movement, why would they STILL be talking about the fucking students leafletting at the Sugar Bowl? Wasn't that like two weeks ago? They've been touting that event for over two weeks!


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