Monday, January 12, 2004

Vote Label/Cliche in ’04  

From Matt Taibbi in the New York Press:
There was a remarkable sea change in the presidential election campaign last week. The biggest news, little noted in the newspapers, was the unofficial coronation of Howard Dean as the Democratic nominee by none other than George Bush himself.

In a fundraising e-mail sent out to would-be supporters, Bush for the first time made what appeared to be a specific characterization of his eventual opponent.

"Whoever wins the nomination will have done so by energizing their party’s left wing with angry attacks," Bush "expressed" in the e-mail.

It was clear that Bush was referring to Dean in this statement, because for quite some time now, "angry" has been the unofficial code word for Dean in the mass media. The evolution of the use of this word has been, to me, the biggest story of the election so far. It was a kind of shadow nomination process, in which the winning caricature was elected in convention.
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