Monday, February 09, 2004

Bush "showed up." 

I just saw a C-Span replay of a Kerry event in Tennessee on Saturday, and I have to say he sounded great (and looked, well, not bad, as these things go). He had a great gag that went something like this:

KERRY: Now I know you all know that George Bush is going on Meet the Press tomorrow...

[Scattered boos]

KERRY: ...and I know that afterward everyone's going to say how smart he was...

[Stronger boos]

KERRY: ...and how well he knew his foreign policy...

[Vigorous booing.]

KERRY: (Beat.) I was talking about Tim Russert.

[Wild laughter/applause.]

Pretty good.

The only part of Meet the Press I saw was a clip they replayed on C-Span, Russert asking Bush about being AWOL in Alabama. There is no way he (Bush) could not have appeared to everyone watching as exactly what he was: a habitual liar currently engaged in lying. He didn't even attempt to explain his actions, and even went so far as to say that the reason his record couldn't be impugned was that no one had been able to find his record, parts of which have disappeared down the spider-hole.

I hope no one ever references Clinton's "it depends on was 'is' is" again, because the new line is: "I showed up." Not "I showed up every time it was my duty to show up"--just "I showed up." It's like the new motto of the Bush presidency. It represents the full extent of Bush's understanding of everything he's done in life, including the presidency: "I showed up."

I mean, what more could anyone ask of him?


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