Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Heart of Gold 

Bush Agrees to New 9/11 Commission Deadline
Support for 2 Month Extension is a Reversal of Earlier Position

President Bush reversed himself Wednesday and said he now supports giving a commission investigating the 9/11 attacks more time to produce a final report.
How noble of him! What a sacrifice on the part of the president, to bestow on this commission the privilege of being able to complete their work!
Bush had resisted that request for months, saying through his spokesmen that the administration wanted the panel to complete its work as soon as possible. Privately, White House aides feared that delaying the commission's final report would result in a potentially damaging assessment of the administration's handling of pre-attack intelligence in the heat of a presidential campaign.
And remember: damage to the Administration's credibility is of greater concern than damage to the country!
At the same time, [McClellan] urged the panel to act quickly. "If the commission has information that can help prevent another catastrophic terrorist attack on America soil, we need to have that information as soon as possible," McClellan said.
Right-o! Hurry up, commission! As of now, it's only been two and a half years since 9-11. But if we have to wait two more months for the commission's report, we could be putting ourselves in danger of another catastrophic terrorist attack on America soil! (Wait: does the Democratic National Convention count as a catastrophic terrorist attack on America soil?)
McClellan was noncommittal Wednesday about whether Bush would submit to an interview by the commission.
After all, why should Bush have to endure the indignity of submitting to an interview? All that's at stake is preventing another catastrophic terrorist attack on America soil.
Relatives of Sept. 11 victims proposed last week extending the mandate until January. That would give commissioners the time they need, while keeping the review outside of presidential politics, they said. Sens. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., said they planned to introduce legislation next week that will set a Jan. 10, 2005, deadline for the report.
Thanks, Joe! Let's keep that Joe-mentum going, and help guarantee that voters be deprived of information regarding how Bush did or did not defend the country against the catastrophic terrorist attack on America soil, when making their decision on who to vote for for president! Once again, Holy Joe putting the national interest above partisan politics! Thanks, Joe!

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