Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Perley-Girl v. Chomsky 

This from Scat-Man:

Check out this 1988 debate at Ohio State University between Chomsky and Richard Perle of all people. Chomsky drops mushroom clouds on him. It's so wonderful.

In December I saw a panel discussion between Perle and Joshua Micah Marshall on Iraq, and he was making equally specious arguments. (At one point he claimed that France and Germany's unwillingness to contribute to postwar Iraq was proof positive that they never cared about the Iraqis, apparently ignoring the fact that they didn't contribute because the US conducted the war in spite of them and pissed them off. Amazing that someone could say this in public and not be laughed out of the room.) Unfortunately JMM went on the defensive and couldn't quite call him on it although he did an admirable job nonetheless.

It is nice to see Perle get his. Unfortunately, it was 15 years ago and he remains in power anyway. But you can't have everything.


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