Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Kerry Must Do Better 

To: info@johnkerry.com
From: speakingcorpse

I am very afraid that you think you can win this election by focusing on domestic issues, and by trying to avoid addressing the various disasters now consuming our foreign policy. Please, please, respond to this message and tell me that's not what you think.

The election is never not going to be about national security. Talking about gas prices when the nation is riveted by the revelation of Bush's lies is not going to work. It makes you look ineffectual, out of touch, and afraid.

You've got to come up with a message that includes both domestic and national security, that is positive but that at the same time aggressively reminds the nation of the truly spectacular deceptions and failures that have marked Bush's foreign policy.

How about: "I will restore trust to the Oval Office. I will speak the truth. I won't deceive America about the problems it faces, or the sacrifices that will be required in order to solve the problems. But we can do it, if we know what's at stake..." Then you can mention your ideas (about, say, Pakistani nukes? about North Korea? about larger
troop deployments in Iraq?) and, in the same breath (if you have a skilled speech-writer), you can mention Bush's lies--about WMD's, about Medicare costs, about tax cuts, etc., etc...

Integrate these items into a single, forceful message. And then get people on the talk shows repeating that message. Come on! Take some speed if you're tired! Onward!


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