Monday, March 29, 2004

A moment in the lower fecal stratum 

The website Who Would Osama Vote For? describes itself thus:
If this is your first time here, you're probably thinking, "Oh great, another partisan website." The goal of this website is not to support one party or the other, but rather to promote what is best for the country. Unfortunately, of the two candidates, George W. Bush is the only choice. We don't think he's the best president, but the alternative that the democrats have put forward just doesn't cut it for us.

We consider ourselves part of the growing number of people who label themselves "independents" for a lack of a better term. Fiscally responsible, socially liberal and personally accountable. If we were to take a political exam we would come out in the libertarian spectrum.
So if I've got this right, a website run by "fiscally responsible, socially liberal and personally accountable" "independents" is offering this item:

These folks who "would come out in the libertarian spectrum" would no doubt like to encourage you to


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