Sunday, March 28, 2004

"'The People' Caused 9/11?"?  

speakingcorpse writes:

[Dear [Washington Post columnist Jim] Hoagland,]

I cannot tell you how repulsed and disgusted I am by your column attacking Richard Clarke. You are the cynical operator, trying to fine-tune your "objective non-partisan" credentials by attacking both sides, at the expense of Clark and the truth.

You have to know how simple and obvious Clarke's allegation is. In addition to pursuing policy ventures, Clinton also held desperate interagency meetings in response to clear terrorist threats. This is how he managed to connect the dots and stop the millennium plot and other plots. Bush refused to hold such meetings in the summer of 2001, though the threats were coming thicker and faster than ever. That is his failure, and if he isn't held accountable for it, I won't blame the "people"--I'll blame you and your ilk, whose play-both-sides, above-the-fray posturing is becoming more dangerous than other, more easily recognizable forms of demagoguery.


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