Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Randi Rhodes 

was great this afternoon (3-6pm) on Air America Radio (AM 1190 in New York).

"James Baker is a beautiful man...a great liar...I slept with him."

She described Lars Larsen (the wingnut radio host in Portland whose show Air America now replaces) as someone who "wears a penis on the back of his pants."

She nearly reduced Ralph Nader to tears. He finally hung up.

Rhodes (originally from Queens) is formerly of the U.S. Air Force. She has been on the radio for 10 years in South Florida and is obviously very experienced, very loud, very tough. I think her audience may now get very large. She's worth a listen.

Don't miss Atrios tonight on Garofalo's show from 8-11pm.

Update: I guess Randi goes till 7 (at least) because it's 6:44 and she just finished having a conversation with Pat Buchanan. Much friendlier than the Nader "interview," to say the least. She's now talking about conservatives who know Bush is a fraud. I like this lady.


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