Tuesday, March 30, 2004

This may be something to keep an eye on... 

There's just something really, you know, off about this case. In the bigger picture, all the Bush administration needs right now is yet another reminder of their massive incompetence. In the smaller picture, the government continues to lie about seemingly inconsequential shit--
U.S. Wants Suit on Anthrax Probe Tossed

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Government lawyers on Monday contended that Attorney General John Ashcroft named Dr. Steven J. Hatfill a "person of interest'' in the 2001 anthrax attacks to dampen speculation that the bioterrorism expert was a suspect.
Uh, sorry? To dampen speculation?
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jeffrey Bucholtz said ``it's clear the attorney general was trying to downplay'' federal investigators' suspicions that Hatfill sent anthrax-laced envelopes to government and media offices in October 2001.
Downplay? This is just laughable. What the fuck are these people up to?


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