Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Bush Cycle of Prosperity and Death 

Dawkins writes:

Hostage Was Working in Iraq to Aid His Struggling Family

So here's how it works:

Your economic livelihood has been destroyed by the Bush economy. You can't afford to keep your farm because the giant agribusiness companies have run you off your land. You can't afford to pay for your family's medical expenses because you're one of tens of millions without health insurance.

What do you do?

You sign up to take a job as a mercenary in Bush's army. (Of course, your salary is paid by Halliburton, which is paid to run the war by the U.S. government -- and that money comes from your taxes -- and the only reason Halliburton got the contract to hire you is because they gave all that money to get Bush elected.)

You go to Iraq, and you get kidnapped or you get killed, but because you're one of the tens of thousands of secret, private "contractors" over there, and not a regular GI, the Marines won't swoop in to save you when you're getting torn apart by the mob, and your death won't be counted as one of the 600-plus dead in combat, and your family won't get Army pension or death benefits, and your family is right back where it started, but worse, because you're not around anymore to support them.

And Bush cashes his campaign checks from Halliburton and goes fishing in Crawford, Texas.


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