Tuesday, April 06, 2004

A Cry For Help 

To: info@johnkerry.com
From: speakingcorpse


Can someone please, PLEASE tell me why Kerry is not saying anything--AT ALL--about foreign policy? He is not just avoiding stepping into the Clarke fray or interfering with the work of the 9/11 commission. He is saying NOTHING AT ALL! WHY? And don't tell me it's because he is "focusing on the economy, which, according to polls, is the issue of greatest concern to the majority of Americans." The poll numbers may be true, but Americans WILL NOT EVEN LISTEN to Kerry's ideas about the economy if it appears--as it certainly does--that he is rigidly unwilling to SAY ANYTHING ABOUT FOREIGN POLICY!

I will vote for Kerry. But I know a lot of people who are still making up their minds. And I know that Kerry's silence--not diffidence, not caution, but silence--on foreign policy is losing him voters. I'm not saying you shouldn't focus on what matters to voters, or shift the debate to favorable topics. You SHOULD do this, when you CAN. But sometimes you can't. INSISTENTLY talking about something OTHER than the burning issue of the day is a sign of either stupidity or fear.

The world is on fire, or will be soon. To say nothing makes Kerry look like an idiot, an incompetent idiot--at best. At worst, it makes him look like someone afraid to say anything about critical issues--an incompetent weakling. Do you think Americans don't notice that Kerry says NOTHING about yesterday's rebellion, or about the Fallujah atrocities? Do you think that they hear Kerry talk about the price of gas and then FORGET about grisly televised massacres? Do you think that Kerry's eloquence is powerful enough to make Americans forget about the impending collapse of Iraq? Are you fucking CRAZY? Are you saying to yourselves, "Well, as long as Americans think about Iraq, they support Bush, but if we can just remind them of the economy, then they'll stop thinking about Iraq, and then they'll vote for Kerry"?

Have you decided, for the good of our country and the Republican party, to lose?

I am being driven mad by my efforts to understand your recent failures. It's gotten to the point where the frustration may explode in a frenzy of masochistic violence. Please help me. If you have decided to lose, just let me know so I don't keep on writing you letters explaining what you MUST already know.


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