Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Mean People, Not Nice to 'Ministration 

Shit-Bag's theme today? WWSD? (That is, "What Would (George) Shultz Do?") Apparently George Shultz--of all American leaders past and present--would have been able to get us out of this mess. Why?
Twenty years ago we had a leader who treated us like adults, mature enough to cope with harsh uncertainties.
I guess that "leader" refers to Reagan? Anyway, I suppose Reagan did "treat is like adults," feeding us a steady diet of death and shit, which mature adults should be able to swallow down and ask for more, not like puling children, who need cookie and sugar-tit.

Also this:
Step back and you see millions of people who will pick up any stick they can to beat the administration. They're perfectly aware of the cruel uncertainties that confront policy makers, but, opportunistically, they ignore them.
Brooks to "millions": "Step off." Stop getting all up in the administration's "grill." You should know better, "millions of people." Stop being a millions-strong bunch of craven "opportunists"!


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