Wednesday, April 28, 2004

No conspiracy theories here. None needed. 

speakingcorpse writes:

Just look at the proposed flag of the new Iraq. Featuring horizontal blue bars and a nice blue crescent. EVERY other of the 20 or so Arab flags features green and black for Islam, and red for Arab nationalism. But the new Iraq, the only Arab country occupied by the U.S., gets a special flag--just check out the design here. And don't--I'm speaking to all of you friends of Israel that appear to read AmCop regularly--tell me that I'm being paranoid and anti-Semitic. Just look at the fucking flag. You can say, conservatively, that proposing this flag for our New Iraqi Protectorate was profoundly stupid. That's obvious enough. But it's also indicative of something. It starts with this New York Times graphic illustrating the connections between the various members of the so-called "Office of Special Plans" in the so-called "Defense Intelligence Agency" (the office designed to cook up Iraq-Osama bomb-death-nucular-crucifixion scenarios).

It all goes through Perle (look at the graphic). Now remember the astonishing post by Juan Cole recently linked by Blicero. Cole points out that Feith, the head of the Office of Special Plans, is co-partner in a Jerusalem law firm headed by a West Bank settler. And who else works in the firm but Ahmed Chalabi's nephew, spokesman of the tribunal judging Saddam! Cole notes that Perle is still saying we should just turn Iraq over to Chalabi. Why does Perle love Chalabi? Well--it couldn't have something to do with his business and family ties to powerful West Bank settlers could it?

What's my point? It's very simple. Perle and his friends in the Office of Special Plans have helped to oversee this disaster. And Perle and his friends thought easy victory was possible because they believed (and still do!) that all we need to do is just find some "friendly Arabs" like Ahmad Chalabi and install them in power in Arab countries, and then we'll be all set. All the other Arabs are benighted and misled, but Chalabi and his nephew and their buddies are good guys. And why are they good? Because they make money by working with right-wing Israelis.

I'm not outlining a conspiracy. I'm outlining a mindset, the mindset of a few people who, as the graphic indicates, are connected to Perle and have a disproportionate influence on the brain-damaged asshole-birth Bush. The mindset is: Arabs are unreasonable and crazy, as is best evidenced by their hatred of Israel, which has no basis in reality (for there were and are no Palestinians in the lands settled by the Jewish immigrants and refugees over the course of the last century); but we can re-educate the Arabs by installing in power nice and reasonable Arabs like Ahmad Chalabi and his nephew, who are obviously not consumed with anti-Semitism--for they happily work with West Bank settlers! And the flag is evidence of the fact that the mindset is still shaping policy and perception. Once we get in there and assert ourselves, the Arabs will come to reason, and then we'll have millions of new friends of Israel! Just look at the fucking flag! It's not even sinister. It's pathetic. It's like watching a small child accidentally knock down a house made of building-blocks.


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