Thursday, April 29, 2004

Scared, Inarticulate "Man" to Testify with Chaperone 

The Times says:
Given the White House's concern for portraying Mr. Bush as a strong leader, it's remarkable that this critical appearance is being structured in a way that is certain to provide fodder for late-night comedians, who enjoy depicting him as the docile puppet of his vice president.
The people say:
ABC News/Washington Post Poll. Feb. 10-11 , 2004. N= 1,003 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3. Fieldwork by TNS Intersearch.

"Please tell me whether the following statement applies to Bush or not. . . ."

"He is a strong leader "

Applies 61
Does Not 38
Oh well. By the way, the American people also say:
73. As far as you know, about how many U.S. military personnel have beenkilled in Iraq since the war began?

100-499 23
500-699 22
700-799 12
800-999 6
1000-2999 10
more 4
DK/NA 23
That's right--only 12% of Americans are able to answer the question "about how many U.S. military personnel have been killed in Iraq since the war began?" correctly (this question is from the new Times/CBS poll linked below). 45% are mistakenly underestimating. Still 58% say the loss of lives and other costs has not been worth it.


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