Monday, April 19, 2004

Terrorists to Influence Election 

Rice: U.S. Bracing for Terror Before Polls
Rice Says U.S. Concerned About Terrorism During Upcoming Election Season

WASHINGTON April 18 — The United States is bracing for possible terrorist attacks before the November presidential election, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice said Sunday.

The opportunity for terrorists to try to influence the election, as was the case last month in Spain,
[of course no one bothers to question either the basic facts or the implications of that ole chestnut anymore]
appears to be an opportunity that would "be too good to pass up for them," Rice said.

Florida as the Next Florida
The New York Times
March 14, 2004

Florida's official line is that its machines are so carefully tested, nothing can go wrong. But things already have gone wrong. In a January election in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, the victory margin was 12 votes, but the machines recorded more than 130 blank ballots. It is simply not believable that 130 people showed up to cast a nonvote, in an election with only one race on the ballot. The runner-up wanted a recount, but since the machines do not produce a paper record, there was nothing to recount.

This past Tuesday, even though turnout was minimal, there were problems. Voters were wrongly given computer cards that let them vote only on local issues, not in the presidential primary. Machines did not work. And there were, no doubt, other mishaps that did not come to light because of the stunning lack of transparency around voting in the state. When a Times editorial writer dropped in on one Palm Beach precinct where there were reports of malfunctioning machines, county officials called the police to remove him.


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