Friday, April 23, 2004

"This is the D-Day." 

Keep an eye on this Specter/Toomey race. And think for a minute about our respective parties' politics. Imagine if a militant socialist were to pose a credible challenge against, say, Lieberman in the CT Democratic primary, and you had guys in Che Guevara berets claiming "This is the Gettysburg. This is the D-Day, the Stalingrad," and the guy was about to beat Lieberman, and the Democratic base was thrilled!
Mr. Toomey's campaign plans to tap into a statewide network of anti-abortion groups and evangelical churches to energize his supporters. James C. Dobson, founder and chairman of Focus on the Family, will kick off that effort by speaking at a rally for Mr. Toomey in Lancaster on Friday night. Dr. Dobson has endorsed Mr. Toomey, but his organization does not take sides in political campaigns.

Dr. Dobson's appearance underscores the primary's importance to conservatives nationwide who view Mr. Specter as an obstacle to their agenda in Washington. Dr. Dobson rarely appears on behalf of candidates, but in this race he has sent a letter to Mr. Toomey's supporters and allowed his voice to be used on radio campaign advertisements.

"We see this time as the climax of the civil war of values that's been raging for 35 years," Dr. Dobson said in an interview. "This is the Gettysburg. This is the D-Day, the Stalingrad. We must oppose those who have done so much to create the mess that we're in."


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