Friday, April 23, 2004

Weird, sinister clusterfuck 

In the midst of Juan Cole's flabbergasting account of Richard Pearle's recent surprise testimony before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations (in his capacity as, apparently, an "Iraq expert") we find this truly bizarre item:
Now Chalabi's nephew Salem has been put in charge of the trial of Saddam Hussein. Salem is a partner in Zell and Feith, a Jerusalem-based law firm headed by a West Bank settler, in which Douglas Feith, the undersecretary of Defense for Planning, is also a senior partner when not in the US government. You can be assured that the trial will be conducted on behalf of the Bush administration and the Neocons, and on behalf of the Chalabis. Since the Chalabis have been trying to overthrow Saddam for decades, it is hard to see how this can have even the appearance of an impartial tribunal.
"Zell and Feith"? Huh?


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