Friday, April 02, 2004

What (in the Name of 'Fuck') Are They Thinking? 

I'm afraid I can't subscribe to the benefit of the doubt that Tim Roemer is offering. This is not an "innocent explanation" scenario.
Bush Aides Block Clinton's Papers From 9/11 Panel

WASHINGTON, April 1 — The commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks said on Thursday that it was pressing the White House to explain why the Bush administration had blocked thousands of pages of classified foreign policy and counterterrorism documents from former President Bill Clinton's White House files from being turned over to the panel's investigators.
Maybe it's just that they've grown so used to stonewalling the 9/11 commission on every possible thing, that in the midst of all this threatening controversy they've simply decided to stick with the tactics they know best (even though those are precisely the tactics (stonewalling, lying, covering-up) which caused the controversy to begin with)?


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