Saturday, April 10, 2004

What We Want, and What We Deserve 

speakingcorpse writes:

Dear shit-covered blood-thirsty corpse-fiend:

Let me make some brief and related points about your column.

Moqtada al-Sadr is, as you say, a dangerous and ill-mannered firebrand, whose message does not appeal to many Iraqis. And yet there are, and no one can doubt it, thousands and thousands of people who are marching in support of him. (Should the soldiers trying to control these enraged crowds just chill out and "get a grip," as you suggest?) Why are thousands of people supporting an insurrection led by someone they don't like? Because as much as they dislike al-Sadr, they like the racist, ignorant, baby-killer Paul Bremer a LOT LESS. So your point about al-Sadr actually reveals the extent to which Iraqis are enraged, quite understandably, about the attempt by your flesh-licking friends to impose by force a Republican kleptocracy on a population that is seen as nothing more than a bunch of wogs.

If I was living under a military occupation run by a blood-drinking corpse-eater as arrogant and ignorant about ME as Bremer is about Iraq, I would not take it lying down.

We need, you say, to get in touch with the Iraqis who "want what we want." What about the rest? Are they, like the rest of the brown-skinned turban-wearing wogs, "enemies of civilization"?

The policy of stopping al-Sadr, and the other popular insurrections, Shiite and Sunni, across Iraq, involves killing a lot more people than just the rebel leaders. How many people have died in Fallujah since last week? Hundred and hundreds. Do you think "most Iraqis" are in favor of this?

But Fallujah and the rest of the "Sunni Triangle," we know, is filled with corpse-desecrating savages; it's a town full of "enemies of civilization" that need to be exterminated. Kill the bloody wogs. Well if that's what "we want," then we're going to have a hard time finding Iraqis who "want what we want." Thus the resignations from the governing council.

That's all I have to say. I just want to make it clear to you that even though you seem pretty "chill" about things, your callous and demented (and obviously fake) myopia doesn't change the fact that you are advocating vicious mass murder in the pages of the New York Times. Your "chill" attitude only makes your bloodthirsty racist murder fantasies all the more disgusting.

Why don't you "take a deep breath," go to Iraq, wander around, and look for some Iraqis who "want what you want"?

You'll very quickly get what you deserve.



P.S. If you take note of the realities described in this article--first-hand reporting and not dick-fiddling from the "exurbs"--you will see beyond any doubt that you are advocating not for the repression of a few bad terrorists, but for the racist mass murder of a justifiably enraged civilian population.

Just to be clear: you are soon going to have a lot more blood on your hands than you already do.

Also note: the Mahdi brigades were, it seems, keeping ORDER in Sadr city a month ago, because Bremer was too busy shoving money up his asshole to do anything about it.

Rot in hell.

P.P.S. In case there is any ambiguity: when Donald Rumsfeld pretends that the uprising involves just a few thugs and terrorists, he is not merely crazily wrong about what is going on. He is CREATING A PRETEXT FOR MASS MURDER. If the uprising involved just a few thugs and terrorists, then it could be put down with extreme prejudice. This is what Rumsfeld wishes he could do, even though the uprising involves much of the nation of Iraq. Putting down a national uprising with extreme prejudice is mass murder (especially when the uprising is the result of our own vicious and racist incompetence). To obscure the fact that mass murder is his devout wish, Rumsfeld pretends that the uprising does not involve a lot of people. Then he can go ahead and put it down brutally, and hope Americans don't notice how much blood he is pouring on their heads. So: you, David Brooks--father of a newly bar-mitzvahed 13-year-old and believer in the healthy nature and consequence of American fantasy--when you deceive yourself and others about the nature of the uprising, you are facilitating racist mass murder, and smearing yourself, your family, and your fellow-citizens with blood.

Blicero adds: Stick to writing about Hummers and fashion shows, shitbag.


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