Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Whores on the March 

Dawkins writes:

I sent this today at 2:30pm. You too can tell ABCNEWS.com what you think at:

Subject: John Kerry the liar

Dear ABCNEWS.com:

Today on the main page of your site, you suggest that John Kerry has lied. Now that I’ve seen your headline, and trust your news-gathering work, without even reading the article, I understand that John Kerry may indeed be a liar.

“Medal Dispute
Did Kerry lie about Vietnam War medals?”

Having used the “liar” epithet so generously, will you now apply it to George W. Bush, who has lied, and continues to lie, to the American public with great regularity?

I know I can depend on your journalism to always be fair and balanced.


Update from Josh Marshall:
Late Update : As of 2:54 PM, the headline now reads: "Medal Dispute, EXCLUSIVE: Why did Kerry change story about Vietnam medals?

That, and why did ABC change its headline?


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