Saturday, May 29, 2004

AmCop Poll: What's Funniest? 

speakingcorpse writes:

What's funniest?

a) The fact that Bush invited 7 Iraqis whose hands had been cut off by "the dictator" to the White House for a "plastic-handshake" photo op after the men had been given prosthetic hands by American doctors.

b) The fact that many Americans are somehow reassured by the fact that, as of yet, it has not been revealed that our military intelligence professionals have cut off the hands of any Arabs.

c) The fact that I, personally, do not believe that MIs have cut off the hands of Arabs. 

d) The fact that the Hispanic-American and also African-American (but Caucasian-appearing) CNN television "personality" Soledad O'Brien (a member of the National Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and also a member of the board of directors for The Harlem School for the Arts) introduced a segment about Al Gore's recent speech about the torture being done in her name by calling it a "rant," repeatedly; she then asked her three guests nothing about the content of the speech at all, instead asking whether or not this sort of "ranting" helped or hurt John Kerry.

e) The fact that the pictures of the torture being done in the name of Americans have not convinced two-thirds of Americans that torture is being done in their name.

f) The fact that torture is being done in our name.


I personally think "f" is funniest. I'm laughing about it as I write these words. So I don't understand what Mark Danner is getting at in this article when he asks whether or not Americans will be able to accept and acknowledge the obvious fact that torture is being done in our name, and that the leadership of the country is responsible.

Not only can I accept it, I can affirm, with joy, that I love it.


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