Tuesday, May 25, 2004

At what point does this little turd-eater get literally laughed off the paper? 

Bad writing.

This may or may not mean anything, but as it came out of the hole in Bush's head it is certainly not an "argument":
The only real way to secure Iraq, Bush argued, is through self-governing democracy...It is only through self-government that Iraq can become secure.
Laughable, if "laughing" to you means having to choke on your own regurgitated wastes:
It's a huge gamble to think that the solution to chaos is liberty. But it's fitting that during the gravest crisis of his presidency, President Bush reverted to his most fundamental political belief. He began this war in Iraq repeating the sentiment embodied in the Declaration of Independence, that our creator has endowed all human beings with the right to liberty, and the ability to function as democratic citizens. He said last night with absolute confidence that the Iraqis are democrats at heart.
Stupid/ignorant, condescending, dishonest:
Because, let's face it, we don't know whether all people really do want to live in freedom. We don't know whether Iraqis have any notion of what democratic citizenship really means. We don't know whether they hear words like freedom, liberty and pluralism as deadly insults to the way of life they hold dear. We don't know who our enemies are. Are they the small minority of Baathists and jihadists, or is there a little bit of Moktada al-Sadr in every Iraqi's breast?
Simply not true:
And if this gamble fails, it won't be only the competence of our officials that will be called into question — it will be the American creed itself.
Just plain embarrassing:
Perhaps democracy and freedom are not really universal values, some will say.
Both aggressively and insultingly empty of meaning, yet somehow also an outright lie:
But at least Bush has now squarely faced the consequences of his creed.
Actual flagrant nonsense:
At least he is now behaving consistently with the elemental conviction of this nation.


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