Friday, May 14, 2004

The Bush Effect 

Finchy writes:

Now that Brazil, Spain and India have ousted their right-leaning regimes in surprising upsets, might it be possible to start talking of a Bush Effect? As the situation in Iraq gets worse and worse, the world is increasingly privy to the nightmarish consequences of allowing a far-right government free reign. Is it possible that Bush represents a particular form, a certain design of feces and death, that people around the world do not want to see reflected in their own leaders?

I realize that I could be accused of Americacentrism here. After all, I'm sure Indian voters had plenty of other, local reasons for bumping Vajpayee. But aren't I allowed to hope? To pray that sensible people everywhere might grasp the affinities between and unite against demonic rightist agendas in general? If this happens in enough countries, it could snowball, and who knows...

Berlusconi's next! THEN we'll have a movement on our hands.

Blicero adds: I found this fact, from the NYTimes article, quite compelling:
And unlike in the United States, where the most prosperous also vote the most, in India it is the poor who turn out in greatest numbers.


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