Friday, May 28, 2004

Give Some Turkee (As They Say) to Kerry Today 

The DNC writes:
It's the end of the month again -- another FEC deadline that the Bush campaign and the media will be watching. Your past contributions have made an enormous difference. We've beaten Bush-Cheney two months in a row -- help us do it again, by contributing today. This month ends with a three-day holiday weekend -- so today is the day for you to make another contribution and help us reach this month's goal.

On July 29th, John Kerry will accept the Democratic nomination, a full five weeks before George Bush accepts the Republican nomination. The Republicans will have a $50 million August advantage because they will have five extra weeks to raise and spend money as part of their primary campaign.
I'm going to click on the John Kerry button in our sidebar right this minute and donate something. $25 or $50. Haven't decided yet. It'll be one or the other. Please join me!


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