Monday, May 03, 2004

Iraq Despair 

speakingcorpse writes:

It's all over in Iraq. We are powerless. We tried to occupy them without enough soldiers. We failed to provide security, and because we knew we were failing, we resorted to excessive violence. We turned the entire Saddam army loose onto the streets; we have now re-hired that army to rule Fallujah by proxy. We sold the Iraqi infrastructure in private auctions to corrupt American companies. We imposed an "interim" constitution that no major Iraqi political constituency could ever have supported. We ignored reasoned pleas for immediate elections. We installed a governing council filled with the unscrupulous money grubbing cronies of Richard Perle et al. We excluded the entire Iraqi professional class from rebuilding. We allowed a corrupt wastrel (Ahmed Chalabi) to supervise this process (de-Baathification). Members of his family are in positions of power across Iraq. His nephew, the employee of a right-wing settler of the West Bank, is running the trial of Saddam Hussein. We stigmatized as "terrorists" the many thousands of people of who were understandably disgusted with the racist ignorace of our occupation. Our soldiers, believing that the disgusted local population are nothing more than "terrorists," abuse their prisoners with impunity. It's too late to fire the American soldier heading Abu Ghraib prison (though we have had to do this). We let this abuse go on for months, and now it's too late. It's all too late. In fact, it was too late the moment the zombies running the Bush administration started bombing. Anything we eventually "achieve" in Iraq will be far worse than what we "fail" to achieve by ending the occupation now and offering the services of our soldiers to a UN peace-keeping force.

This won't happen for a while, and Kerry certainly can't advocate that it happen. But something like this will happen. In the meantime, there will be more dead bodies produced for David Brooks' necrophilic masturbatory fantasies.






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