Friday, May 14, 2004

K-Mart Kindly Requests That Shit Not Be Fed Into Mouth 

Finchy writes:

God bless Kenyon Martin for his brief disruption of the media's relentless
caca-storm. From the New York Times:
KENYON MARTIN had a great answer the other day when a television reporter tried to drag him into a contrived patriotic position, wondering whether therecent death of Pat Tillman might inspire Martin to go to the Athens Games if invited and lay it on the line for Dream Team IV.

Martin was incredulous. "He was at war, man," Martin said, referring to Tillman. "He was in a war - you understand that? Somebody was shooting at him, and he was shooting back. That's a little different than going over there to play basketball.

"He was risking his life for his country. That's not what we're doing. We're playing basketball for our country."
Is it possible that Al Qaeda has a team that they could send to Athens? Osama's tall, he could play center.


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