Wednesday, May 12, 2004

MoveOn Starts the Ground War: Help Out 

MoveOn writes:
Together, we did something remarkable on Saturday. Working with a coalition of grassroots groups, we registered tens of thousands of voters and made over 300,000 phone calls in a single afternoon.

In Philadelphia, a huge crowd gathered to see speakers before fanning out across the city to register voters. In Seattle, WA and Reno, NV and Lewiston, ME and 90 other cities in all 17 of the key "battleground" states, 7,500 folks walked door-to-door, talking to their neighbors and registering tens of thousands of them to vote. And at more than a thousand phone banking parties, MoveOn members made more than 300,000 phone calls to swing state voters in a single afternoon -- a staggering and wholly unprecedented feat.

And Saturday was just the beginning. Over the coming weeks and months, we're going to build a field campaign that will help MoveOn members across the country register and mobilize voters every day between now and Nov. 2nd. Professionals often spend $8 or more per registered voter, but for $50, we can help MoveOn members contact 325 voters and register 65 of them. Can you help us raise $1 million to start hiring local organizers and build on our tremendous success on Saturday?

Please click here to contribute now.

This is the first time we will have MoveOn staff on the ground. They'll work in some of the most important states for the election, contacting and training MoveOn members for election work and acting as a local point of contact.

Together, we're demonstrating that we can turn our passion -- our hopes and dreams for a better country -- into effective work on the ground that will win the election. It's also good news for democracy: after decades of TV-driven campaigning, people are starting to talk to each other again about the issues that affect us all.


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