Saturday, May 29, 2004

Really Funny Things in the News 

speakingcorpse writes:

Sometimes I feel that AmCop has no purpose. Now I have always thought that, in one sense, it lacks purpose. It is not an "activist" site, nor does it usually aim to offer analysis that is unavailable elsewhere. It aims, as far as I have understood it, to provide a place for rage to be discharged, and for jokes to be told. These activities have no larger purpose or end beyond themselves (which is not to say that they are unnecessary). But sometimes--today--I feel that there is no point in expressing disgust or turning disgust into jokes. Not because it is inappropriate, but because what I am trying to respond to is itself a joke. It's already funny. This is really fucking funny. Read about the 7 men whose hands were cut off by Saddam, who were then given prosthetic hands by American doctors, and who were then invited to the White House on Tuesday to shake the hand--how fitting!--of Bush. (The story does not raise the issue of whether or not Bush's hand is itself prosthetic. If Bush is a prosthetic person, appended to the minute remains of an aborted attempt to create a human being, then is his hand prosthetic?) Anyway, I refuse to read this story as anything other than a hilarious joke, regardless of the fact that it is true. I refer AmCop readers to the original story, and encourage them to have a good laugh. It's a good bet you can find some other really funny things in the news if you read the news carefully and try to consider the ironic dimensions of certain current events.


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