Monday, May 03, 2004

Sexy Brooks 

Licentious blacks and gays vote Democrat, whereas moral Latinos make good Repugs!

Dawkins writes:

From Brooks' column, which looks at the interesting findings on urban "sexual marketplaces" from a recent University of Chicago research study titled "The Sexual Organization of the City":

In a "struggling African-American community" called "Southtown," "there are more women than men" and "the men take advantage of their market power to become polygamous. At any moment, almost 40 percent of the men are maintaining long-term relationships with at least two sexual partners…. If men can have multiple partners, they have little incentive to limit themselves; marriage rates drop."

In the "largely Hispanic neighborhood the academics call Westside," on the other hand, "mores here are traditional."
Half of the men and three-quarters of the women believe it is wrong to have sex without love. People here are much more likely to meet future sexual partners in a family member's home, and much less likely to talk openly about sexually transmitted diseases.
Then in "Shoreland," "an affluent white neighborhood" with "a large gay and lesbian population," "sex is more likely to be impersonal."
About 43 percent of the gay men in Shoreland have had more than 60 partners…. A local softball league has become a place where lesbians can go to meet possible partners.
Interestingly, Brooks neglects to include findings from a related study conducted by the George Washington University on the "sexual marketplaces" found in some of the immediate suburbs of Washington, DC.

The authors of this study discovered, interestingly, that in a small suburban enclave they called "Brookstown," where the population draws heavily from the ranks of professional columnists, journalists, and other "elites," residents engage in a variety of quite-out-of-the-mainstream sexual practices.

For example, one representative male resident displayed striking necrophiliac-pedophiliac-masturbatory-coprophagiac sexual proclivities, shunning the romantic overtures of his wife in favor of a highly idiosyncratic fetishistic routine.

"David Brooks," as the authors named this particular subject, would collect large quantities of his own excrement, sculpt this waste into a life-size model likeness of himself as a child at age 5, then sodomize the sculpture through the anus, mouth and eye sockets, before decapitating it and devouring the sculpture's genitals.

Needless to say, "the churches and other moral authorities" in "Brookstown" have quite a hard time "keeping up" with this kind of behavior, and the acts practiced there bode quite poorly for the strength of the institution of marriage.

While the respondent "David Brooks" reported that his sexual ritual "correlates highly" with his own pleasure, the authors found that his wife, children, and readers of his regular column find this behavior to be "very worrying."


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