Monday, May 17, 2004

The shit-friendly face (hole) of punk rock 

Puto passes along this way-cool article from the BBC:
George W Bush: Punk icon?

It sounds unlikely, but there is a surprising new subculture emerging in the United States: Republican punk rockers.

In his knee-high Dr Martens and with his head shaved, Michale Graves is the Bush-friendly face of punk rock.

He is the front man for the band Gotham Road, which has just kicked off its US tour.

On stage he belts out angry, obscure lyrics, but offstage he is also known for his conservative rants and raves.

"The leftist radical agenda seems to be resonating loudly from within pop culture and we are at war on many different levels," he wrote in one of his columns at conservativepunk.com - one of several new web sites for Republican punk rockers.


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