Thursday, May 27, 2004

Stand Up and Holla! (cont'd.) 

Scats writes:

Rejected essay topic ideas and entry questions:

Why is the US Constitution important and have you read it?

If you have demonstrated the President's call, can you perform it live?

Could you be anymore of a twit than you are now for applying to this contest. If so, how?

Why are the Geneva Conventions important? Where is Geneva?

Describe ten things you could do to prevent drug abuse and/or war crimes in your neighborhood.

Bill Bennet once wrote a book about shame in our culture. Do you have shame? If so, what are you ashamed of? Explain with examples from your life.

What is a community? How is it served? Which of the following Presidential initiatives have served a community? Elaborate (choose at least two):

a) killing people in the community
b) torturing people in the community
c) kidnapping people in the community
d) exploiting a community
e) impoverishing people in the community
f) becoming feared and hated in the community

Did the MTV legal representative inform you that if you win the contest you will be awarded with the use of 47 virgins in the afterlife?

Why does the President's call for community service not make him a Communist?

Are you yourself a Communist? If not, why do you serve the community?

Do you do everything the President tells you to do? If not, why not?

Do you really believe that what you think matters? Did anything the President has done lead you to believe this?

You wouldn't happen to have $2000 on you, would you?

Since you hate yourself so much, why do you wish to show that to the nation on television?

Who is the President? What is the Executive Branch of the US government? What can it do? What can't it do?

What is propaganda? What is a "tool"? How are "tools" used for propaganda? Can "tools" write essays of no more than 300 words? Can they win contests? Can a "tool" speak at a national convention?


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