Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Stand Up and Holla! 

The RNC, in conjunction with MTV, presents "Stand Up and Holla!", the "2004 Republican National Convention Essay Contest":
Young Adults Ages 18-24

An essay of no more than 300 words that answers this question: Why is the President's call to community service important and how have you demonstrated it?

Write your essay and fill out the form below. Ten finalists may be invited to film a video clip that will be posted to the web and voted on by the public.

Because what you think matters... and the winner may deliver a speech to the nation during the 2004 Republican National Convention.

The deadline for contest submissions is June 15, 2004. Voting will be available on the Convention website and on the RNC's voter registration vehicle, "Reggie the Rig," and on MTV.com. The winner will be announced on MTV's TRL.
Yes, you read that correctly: "Reggie the Rig." The RNC's "voter registration vehicle" is called Reggie the fucking Rig! Why not "Billy the Big Black Box"? "Diebold Danny, the Paperless Bus"?

Also (if you click the link and go to the page): am I crazy, or does the "Stand Up and Holla!" podium graphic a) strangely resemble a skyscraper and b) seem to be exploding?


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