Monday, May 10, 2004

What We Blue-Staters Can Do 

The Nation announces the following:
You don't have to live in a battleground state to join the battle for the
White House in November. With an election that is almost certain to be
decided by a whisker in a handful of swing states, those of us who live in
places like New York--where the outcome on November 2nd is not in
doubt--can too easily feel like spectators to the most important political
contest of our lives.

So, what can those of us in "safe" states do to have a direct impact on
who becomes the next President? One answer, at least in two states with
lots of progressives eager to be put to work, is being provided by the
USAction affiliates in New York and New Jersey with their new Volunteer
2004 campaign.

For more, read Katrina vanden Heuvel's Editor's Cut:

And check out the Volunteer 2004 website:


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